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Jill and Michael

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Our Story

Oh hello there, you! Welcome to our website. Thank you for being here. This is where we delight you with a story of how our love blossomed. So, here it is!

Once upon a time in Parker, Colorado about 30 minutes south of Denver, in the year of 2016, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and filled with optimism, Michael and Jill went to medical school. We first met in…the library (nerds). Brought together by mutual friends, we started to hang out by studying…as medical students do with the majority of their time. We soon recognized in each other a dark, often self-deprecating, and sarcastic sense of humor and quickly became good friends. And we stayed friends. For awhile. Even became really good friends, dare I say, best friends. Until…2018.

By this time, we hung out almost every day, traveled to Belize together for vacation, and Jill even celebrated Thanksgiving with Michael’s family that year. We had a lot in common, shared many of the same interests, and the bantering was unmatchable. Clearly the chemistry was palpable and all of our mutual friends began speculating, “Will they?” “Won’t they?” Then, on a medical mission trip to Guatemala, Michael finally decided to declare his love for Jill. After Jill got over her natural awkwardness, the rest was history!

We graduated medical school in 2020 and started residency (just in time for covid, yay) – Michael in Internal Medicine and Jill in Emergency Medicine. At the end of 2nd year of residency in 2022, Michael popped the big Q in Cancun on one of our few vacations together. ‘Twas a huge surprise, and Michael even organized a photographer to document it all (check out the pics in the gallery of a very candid jaw drop). Jill said yes, of course...after several moments of forgetting how to speak.

Well, the big day is coming up quickly, and we are so excited. Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes (and Zofran), and get ready to party. See you in October! <3